5 Essentials For Your Summer Equestrian Wardrobe

It’s summertime and while you are on the road traveling the Hunter Jumper summer horse show circuit, attending a local horseback riding or 4H camp, or riding your beloved equine on some trails, it’s time to update that riding wardrobe.  Summer is one of my favorite seasons, not only because the sun shines practically every day, but also the fun floral prints and summer hues brighten up the closet.  It is time to step away from any dark and heavy fabrics and lighten it up with some sweet summer shades like turquoise, pinks, and whites.  Below I have listed some top picks for the equestrian summer riding wardrobe:

  1. Performance Cooling Riding Shirts: with performance fabrics like Coolmax will keep you cool under the most intense competition.  Staple shirts in basic summer pastel colors are great, but even more recently some horse show shirts have been designed to feature special summer prints on the inside of the color and on the sleeve cuffs.  I would prefer to roll the sleeves after a long day of showing, and give the shirt a little bit of style to walk around the show grounds.
  2. A Bright Colored Polo : A cotton striped pink and turquoise polo from Joules or a floral printed performance ventilator shirt from Kerrits would be two cool and colorful additions to your closet.
  3. Colored Stretch Breeches: Get Excited: European styles are finally hitting the U.S.  Trendy breeches are a fashion statement, but traditional colors are still needed for the show ring.  Brighten up your summer schooling apparel with a summer colored breech like the Tailored Sportsman in French Blue, but tone it down for the show ring with tan colored breeches in your favorite professional style and brand.
  4. Summer Printed Boot Socks: We all wear through ‘em, and some of us are known to lose ‘em!  But remember, don’t be ashamed to mix and match your riding boot socks… how about pairing two different socks together—I’ve heard it brings some riders good luck in the horse show ring!
  5. Aerated Vented Riding Helmets: Make sure your helmet has ventilation to keep your head cool and avoid the “helmet head hair” we all know so well.  Most states have already reached 90 degrees, so do your best to avoid overheating.

With these five equestrian wardrobe essentials, you will be on your way to a super stylin’ and cool summer (especially at the barn).    So get out and trot on to updating your summer wardrobe!