How to save money caring for a horse

Horses are among the most costly and labor-consuming animals that you can have. Still, there are ways to save money and time. Some of this advice will help you save both and some, unfortunately, may be reached only by a compromise between time and money. Here are some ways to save expenses owning a horse…

Buy food for your horse within your budget

Try to buy the best horse feed that your budget allows. Buying the cheapest horse feed and hay could costs you more in the long run with an unhealthy or thin horse and vet bills. In order to get the best food of a high quality you should try to buy in bulk. The best way to do this is to buy along with a group of friends, who are also horse owners and live in your area. Make sure you have a good place to store this food where it will not get wet/damp, too hot, or allow rodents to get to it.

Also not all horses need grain or expensive supplements. Learn more about equine nutritional needs and feed your horse what is best for him with his work load.

Do not forget to care for your pasture if you have property. Pasture may serve not only for grazing, but also as a hay crop if you have enough land. If you buy hay in bulk have it tested beforehand to make sure you are buying hay that you serve your horse well.

Buy winter feed beforehand

Prices for feed in winter period rise as winter comes, so the more you have purchased in advance, the more money you’ll save. If you do not have cash to buy everything you need in advance, for example in summer or autumn, consider a loan from the bank or family. Do not forget about the option to buy in bulk, it will help you to buy cheaper and save money.

English: A horse inside a box stall, checking ...

English: A horse inside a box stall, checking out his new digs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buying horse supplies and horseshoes

Keep track of all that you purchase for your horse in a year and you will be able to buy in advance. This give your a better chance at finding deals and special sales. Buying off season and in bulk you can gain discounts. Do not be afraid to use things from people you trust. Friends, trusted colleagues, horse owners can sell you their used supplies at a lower price, less than their original cost. You can also search online for second hand supplies for sale. Also consider renting if you only need an item for a small amount of time.

Buy necessary feeding additives from the local supermarkets

There is no need to spend more money buying food at feed merchants. Some products may be purchased at local shops at a lower price, as follows: some oils, apple cider vinegar, salt and garlic.

Horse care products

Try not to choose cheap products that have poor quality. Look for sales online, compare different shops, and find saddlery shops that offer different discounts and lower prices. Also ask yourself if you really need a product — don’t buy training gimmicks and fancy colored tack.

Horse maintenance doesn’t have to be frightful at all. Follow our advice and you will see that it is possible not only save expanses, but earn extra money. Being a horse owner, you may provide your horse for work at riding schools. Thus, your horse will have more physical activity and you will have extra income.

About the author: The article was written by Melisa Marzett – a professional author at and a horse lover. She dreamed of owning a horse from the very childhood and now she is attending the riding school at Phoenix ‘The Phoenix Equestrian Centre’.


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