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No Cost or Obligation! Hi, I’m Joni Solis, the owner of A Love for Horses. I would like to thank you for visiting my website with a few FREE informational gifts described below: Just fill out the easy form and you will receive Your FREE Gifts.

This is a different email subscription than the one you see to the right. That one is for receiving automatic updates (email notices) when I add an article to this site. This is a sign up form for my monthly Horse Business Newsletter, weekly quick tips, and special notices. (I recommend you sign up for both subscriptions so you don’t miss any of the important info that could help your horse business succeed.)

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Logo Tips eBookFREE Important Logo Tips: Learn how your can steer clear of common logo mistakes. Discover the type of image that will work best for your logo needs. (Worth $9.97)

Printable Horse Business Quotes
Two beautiful and inspirational horse quotes relating to the equine business. Full-color PDF files suitable for printing and framing. Be inspired daily by displaying these art prints in your home or office.
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Series of Five Horse Quotes Emailed straight to you! These inspirational horse quotes relate to life and business. Most people wish for more than these five. (Worth $14.97)

Trotting straight to you by email every three days…

  • One inspiring quote about horses
  • The meaning of that quote
  • A list of suggested steps that you can take to make your tomorrows happier, more success, and filled with renewed hope.
  • A personally recommend book that will lead you on to a better life or a more successful business.

Mystery Bonus Gift

FREE Your Special Mystery Bonus Gift: – OK I will give you a small clue; this Mystery Gift is to help you bring in customers. You will be receiving the link to this gift four days after the first gifts because I want you to read the “Important Logo Tips” eBook first.
(Worth $24.97)

A few of emails that I received from people about the horse quotes and my newsletter…

I love the quotes…you are right on. What a wonderful gift you have as an artist and the sensitivity to have so much insight…It is so wonderful to meet someone that has the wisdom of the horse and the talent that you do… I love your work and had to respond. Keep the emails coming, it is a highlight of my day. In spirit, remember, the horse was God’s gift to Man. I just wish we had been smarter about how to receive this gift and appreciate it. Bless you;

Joni, I love your newsletter!!!!!!!! Very inspirational, good stuff! Thank you very much!!!
– Laura Kimball of The Holistic Horseman –

Joni… ‘I love these emails with the Horse Quotes and your insight to how they apply to our lives. Please keep them coming, I find the message a true blessing and helpful in everyday thoughts. Yes, how we all need praise and also to realize the Self matters. We teach people how to treat us, now if we would just love each other as we love our animals we would have a much better world. Sigh. Hugs

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