Dressage Horse Logos

I have been busy adding more dressage logos to my site Horse-Logos.com. These a ready made logos with dressage horses graphics in the designs. They can be customized with your company name, business colors, and company tagline if you have one.

Here is an image showing some of these latest dressage horse logos

Dressage Horse Logos

Dressage Horse Logos

You will note that I have created some logos with the classic dressage movements: Levade, Piaffe, Capriole. And then there are the common movements of the extended trot and the canter pirouette. Is there a dressage movement you would like to see in a logo design? Just let me know about it below in the comments. Thanks!

By the way, I am posting many of my horse logo designs on Pinterest at Horse Logos (horselogos) on Pinterest please repin your favorite ones there.  Also you can pin the above image.

Here is a custom  dressage horse logo design I created for a client…


dressage-cr (Photo credit: A Love for Horses)