I just discovered a highly educational equestrian blog by Renee Swanepoel at EncyclopediaEquestria.blogspot.com

Each posting looks to be a full length article stuffed with equestrian related information that is well thought out and written. If it sounds like I am impressed, that is because I am. Many horse businesses could be greatly improved by the addition of a blog with articles of this quality.

Yes writing good postings takes time, effort, and research but they help show potential customers what to expect from you, your staff, or your product. The ability to type well wouldn’t hurt either.

If you have a horse riding facility, give riding lessens, or help people train their horses you really should consider starting an informational equine blog. Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. If you were considering hiring a riding instructor and you visited two websites one with a lot of helpful info and the other with just the common web pages of services, price list, and a two-paragraph ‘about’ page which one would you be more likely to hire?

People want information that helps them make purchasing decisions. Posting great information also gives them the feeling that you care and that you are knowledgeable.

“Rider education is my passion!” says Renee Swanepoel and her blog, Encyclopedia Equestria shows that.

What is your horse business passion? Start to blog about it and gain more business!

Has your horse business been helped by you posting informational articles to your site or blog? Or do you see how posting information on your business specialty would help? If so tell us about it in the comments. Thanks!