Fraudulently misrepresented horse abuse and neglect data by US Gov

The following info was in the latest newsletter sent to me from

More great work by our friends at, who issued a press release this week announcing that they have irrefutable evidence showing that the U.S. Government Accountability Office fraudulently misrepresented horse abuse and neglect data in their report GAO 11-228.

The GAO report blamed falling horse prices and increased abuse and neglect on the closing of the domestic slaughter plants in 2007. Shortly after GAO issued the report, a conference committee reinstated funding for horse slaughter inspections, opening the way for slaughter to return to the US.

The EWA and the Animal Law Coalition (ALC) have provided both a video and a white paper showing how the fraud was committed. The ten minute video How the GAO deceived Congress about horse slaughter was released on YouTube and shows step by step how the GAO hid information in its possession showing abuse and neglect was in decline and misrepresented the data as showing it was increasing.

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised to learn of a Government agency lying, it just makes even more unpalatable when it’s so close to home.

Good work EWA and ALC.