Stacy Westfall Success Secrets

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What’s Stacy’s success factors that has made her the bareback / bridleless reining Queen?

Stacy Westfall, the champion reiner, is in equestrian news, on TV, and people are searching for her on the web. I attribute her equestrian success to her goal magnifying actions, a few of which I will expose here so you can follow her lead and ride your equestrian dreams to greater heights.

But first a little introduction on Stacy and reining…

Stacy’s Accomplishments

In 2003 Stacy Westfall won the National Reining Horse Association Freestyle reining competition riding with with no bridle, not even a neck rope. For two years Stacy was undefeated in major freestyle reining competitions and in 2006 she won twice while riding bareback and bridleless.

Stacy Westfall, the first women contestant, competed and won the 2006 Road to the Horse Colt Starting Challenge and the sold out crowd loved her. The 2006 Road to the Horse DVD with Stacy is now completely sold out! Many horse people feel Stacy’s relationship with her horse is inspiring, beautiful, and total amazing.


Reining developed from the moves a ranch horse had to perform as part its regular cow horse duties. The American Quarter Horse dominates the reining field, but any horse can be trained to rein. Reining is is one of the world’s fastest growing horse sports and is growing in popularity around the world becoming a rising star in the horse industry.

A winning reining horse must be trained to a very high degree in its controlled movements. It has to go forward, stop, turn, spin, and back all to soft cues given by its rider. Only obedient, supple, and relaxed horses make it to the top. Reining is a partnership effort between an well trained horse and rider. The rider must be able to guide the horse and control his every maneuver from spins, sliding stops, to cantering. Reining is not the easiest horse discipline to train a horse well for.

Freestyle Reining

Freestyle reining is similar to freestyle dressage in that the riders are allowed to create their own patterns with some required movements, and choreograph them to music in a way that entertains and show off the horse and rider’s skills. Some freestyle reining competitions also allow the riders to ride bareback (without a saddle), or without a bridle, which increases the difficulty.

Stacy is the first women to win in the freestyle reining competition at Quarter Horse Congress. She is a NRHA champion freestyle reiner and 2006 Road to the Horse Champion that trains her own horses.

Horse Training

Stacy Westfall uses natural horse training methods she learned on her own and through other horse trainers to start her young horses. She and her training partner, husband Jesses own and operate the Westfall Training Center. She is also a mother of three young boys which makes her equestrian accomplishments even more astounding.

Horse Back Riding

Stacy started riding ‘Misty’, a Shetland Pony that was trained to rear on command. She trained her first colt at the age of fourteen. Like most horse crazy girls while growing up she rode any horse she could get her hands on.

Read more about about reining champion Stacy Westfall on her website www.westfallhorsemanship.

Stacy Westfall’s Blueprint to Success

Now on to Stacy’s Success Secrets and what you can learn as an equestrian and horse business owner to improve your chances of success.

Stacy has consistently taken actions that have lead her closer and closer to her goals. There did you catch the first success secret? ACTION! The repetition of the right actions is the golden key, knowing exactly what you want, planing the steps, then taking action on those steps time and time again. The power is in taking consistent action!

Since this blog is specially for horse business owners I will talk here about the actions Stacy has taken to build her equine business. If you want to learn her horse riding and horse training secrets then visit her site and buy her horse training DVDs and check her event calendar.

Equestrian Business Marketing Strategies

I discovered these marketing strategies Stacy is employing…

  • Professional Help
  • She has a beautifully made and easy to use website that’s obviously professionally designed. People like to buy products and services from companies that look successful and professional.

    You can not be expected to know everything so hire experts in areas where it really matters – like your business website creation and marketing. This is one of your best business investments. Your site has to do more than just look good, people have to be able to find what they are looking for fast and easy on it too – good usability!

    I see too many horse businesses with websites that look like their child made it, and there is no excuse for this when you can have a professional looking website up in minutes with a free blog at WordPress or Blogger. But I do recommend that you go with WordPress on your own domain site. What first impression does your website say about your equine business?

  • Quality products
  • Stacy sells Horse Training DVDs, Pocket Reference Cards, Rope halters, and Horse Lead Ropes on her site. If you have a horse boarding business you can sell some horse health and care products to your clients. You business’ long-term success involves selling quality products or services that meet the needs and desires of your customers. Don’t sell anything you would not be willing to purchase and use.

  • Events Calendar
  • Her events page is more stuffed than a Clydesdale’s hay net! What a schedule! Dates, locations, and links to event websites. Do you put on any events? If not, why not, consider a few events that you can hold and then post them on your site. You don’t have to do it alone, you can join forces with other horse businesses or a charity to put on an event and make sure to get a few commercial sponsors.

  • Media Gallery
  • You can find links to photos, videos, and article files on this page. But strangely missing is a link to her Press Release page where she should have posted the stories about her that have been published in the past and new press releases for current use. Maybe the press releases are posted on another page of her site that I missed. But don’t you miss adding Press Releases to your horse business site.

    I signed up for the Joan Stewart’s The Publicity Hound® Newsletter to learn more about business promotion. Horse business owners can get thousands of dollars in free publicity by following her tips, tricks and tools. Joan is a former newspaper editor, a small business owner, AND she was tapped by as its public relations expert.

    Short videos posted on your site and other video sites like YouTube can also help your business in multiple ways acting as sales brochures, and customer educational tools. The Road to the Horse website does have a nice Media page you can check out. They have past news articles posted and articles and hi-res photos and the Road to the Horse logo images for print use. This is another nicely designed website you can lasso web design ideas from.

    Learn about what videos can do for your business. Hey it is 2008 and more and more people are watching videos online on a daily basis, so start making and posting videos for your business! One of Stacy’s reining videos has received more than 100,000 views!

  • Newsletter
  • News from Westfall Horsemanship

    Too many horse business really miss show ribbon on this marketing strategy. It is so important to collect the names and email addresses of your site visitors and have a way to stay in contact with them. Most people will not buy from you on the first contact – in fact it takes many contacts before most people make a purchasing decision.

  • Members Only Content (Build a community)
  • You can sign up for, “The Herd” her members site for training tips and a weekly contests where you can win some of her Westfall products. Master mind and come up with your own membership site.

  • FAQ Page
  • On Stacy’s site you will find a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page where you can find the answers to common questions on company location, horse training by Stacy, her products, clinics, apprenticeship course, and about her horse Roxy. In fact that page goes on and on stuffed full with more interesting info about Stacy, her company, and her products.

    Not enough business sites add a FAQ page and it can be so helpful to your site visitors and help you gain more sales. Study Stacy’s FAQ page and start designing your own. It will save you time in the long run. One reason people search the Internet is because they are looking to research products. Give them the info they are looking for.

  • Valuable Content
  • Content comes in many different forms from articles, videos, photos, case studies, press releases, FAQ page, product reviews, testimonials, to resource information and links. Keep value in mind when adding these.

  • Contact Page
  • A contact form also helps stop you from receiving so much email SPAM when you post your email online. Full contact info and a contact page help build trust and confidence in your business.

  • Belief
  • Last but not least, she believes in herself and is willing to take chances. You can see this by the actions she has taken. Stacy wouldn’t have attempted any of the actions that has helped her become a success if she didn’t believe that the chance of success was possible in the first place. But guess what, taking the right action steps helps you strengthen your belief as you build on one tiny success after another.


Success came to Stacy because she believed in her goal, made a plan and worked her plan. Taking consistent action is the key! She hired professional people when she needed help in areas beyond her expertise. Her website is well designed and has many of the items that helps build a business.

Are you ready to follow her lead? Study her site and work on yours. Get educated in marketing and design your own marketing plan. Then take action!